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Handyman Services Kentish Town NW5

When you are looking for a local handyman to take on those little jobs that you might not be able to get to yourself, take a look at us. We have cheap handyman services in Kentish Town, NW5 that can do a wide range of things including tiling, plastering and repairs. We also cover all NW1 area, so you will never be far away from help. We also have an emergency handyman service for all those urgent repairs you may need. All together, we have a great team of friendly professionals waiting to help you with your house.

Home Refurbishment Kentish Town NW5

If you are considering home improvement, then you will want the work to be done as quickly and smoothly as possible to cause minimal disruption. Our Kentish Town handyman can offer you a great service for all your home repairs and home renovation. We are available in the NW5 region and beyond so you can rely on us to be punctual and professional. We can arrange all our work around your schedule to make life easier for you as well. If you want someone to take care of your home refurbishment, speak to our friendly team.

Office Refurbishment Kentish Town NW5

Does your office need a bit of a change? Are you considering an office renovation in NW1? Well, we understand that it can be very difficult to achieve when you are trying to run a business as well. That’s why we have experts in office makeover who can come in and transform your office into something new. They can visit anywhere in the NW5 regions to take on your refurbishment. It doesn’t stop there however, because we can also run your office maintenance as well. If you have an office, we can give it a new lease of life.

Home Maintenance and Repairs Kentish Town NW5

Are you struggling to keep up with the repairs on your home? You may have a busy workload that is preventing you from tackling these jobs. If that is the case, then why not hire our maintenance services in Kentish Town. Our team are happy to help with any home repairs you may have, and can work them around your schedule to make it easier for you. We can offer a general repair and maintenance service that will keep on top of any further problems. Rely on our handymen and you won’t be disappointed.

Property Maintenance Kentish Town NW5

If you are responsible for a number of properties, then you will be looking for a company to take care of your property repairs. We have a wealth of experience with commercial property maintenance as well as individual property repairs. We are skilled handyman NW5 operatives who can deal with any job, big or small. We can even take care of property refurbishment if required so you don’t have to use a separate company. If you have property in the  area, we can take care of it for you with no hassle or fuss.

Odd Jobs Kentish Town NW5

There are always odd jobs lingering around the house that need to be finished but never quite get done. They may only be little things, but they can cause stress if left too long. Why not enlist the help of an odd job man in NW1 and NW5 to tackle all those little jobs. It doesn’t matter if its furniture assembly or hanging services, they can come and do it for you. We have handyman teams all over Kentish Town who are all reliable and flexible. Don’t get stressed, contact one of our team today and see what they can do for you.

Plumbing Kentish Town NW5

Everyone needs the services of a plumber from time to time, especially if one gets a leaking pipe or a broken boiler. We know how important it is to get the repairs done as soon as possible and at a time to suit you. That’s why we have plumbers based all over Kentish Town who are experienced in leak repair as well as general plumbing repairs. Our teams in the NW1 region are fully trained and professionals who can carry out any type of work. We can also provide emergency plumbing around NW5 area and beyond for those urgent jobs day or night.

Electricians Kentish Town NW5

When you have problems with your wiring in your house, you want a reliable company who can waste no time coming out to help you. Our emergency electricians are just one of the services we offer in Kentish Town. We can also take on general electrical repairs NW1 as well as fitting new sockets and fuse boards. We are a local company who cares about our customers and their needs. For any electrical work that you need in or around NW5 area and beyond, contact us and see our professionals in action, you won’t be disappointed.

Painting and Decorating Kentish Town NW5

If you are looking to brighten up your home with a new lick of paint or a complete makeover, we can help you. Out painters are fully qualified and able to take on both interior and exterior painting to give you the complete house makeover. We have decorators in Kentish Town and the surrounding NW5 area so we can be relied upon to be punctual. They can carry out the whole process from preparation to painting to give you a really professional finish that will last. If you are looking to give your home a new look, let out teams in the NW1 region take care of the job for you.

Carpentry Services Kentish Town NW5

If you are looking to lay a wood floor in your home, or if you have broken furniture that needs to be repaired, we can provide you with the answer. Our Kentish Town carpentry services are provided by fully trained carpenters with years of experience. They are able to undertake any handyman jobs you have including door repair or joinery services. They are local to the NW5 area so you can trust that they will be punctual. We can also arrange all work to be carried out around your schedule. If you need the services of a carpenter, give us a call and see what options are available.

Furniture Assembly Kentish Town NW5

We have all been in the situation where you have a pile of wood and screws that’s supposed to be a table. If you are struggling, we can provide you with great furniture assemblers in Kentish Town that will make light work of your furniture. They can provide flat-pack assembly and furniture repairs all over NW5 and the neighbouring NW1 regions. This means we can be flexible enough to give you the great service you need. There is no need to struggle with flat-pack furniture when our handyman can help you turn your pile of wood into the table you want.

Tiling, Grouting and Re-sealing Kentish Town NW5

The look of a nicely tiled bathroom or kitchen is really nice and sets off the look of the room. When you are looking to retile your room or if you just want to re-seal your existing room, we can help you. We have tiling services and experts that can easily re-seal or re-grout quickly and effortlessly. Our handymen can help with tiling and flooring any room you want with the tiles you wish. If you need the help of handyman Kentish Town, then speak to us about our offers.

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Positive feedback

I got a price quote from Home Repair Companies Kentish Town and decided to leave their handymen to get on with the job. It was a great decision because the team that showed up were utterly fabulous.    
D. Ranson
I started a big endeavour this week - a complete refurbishment of our property. I hired a handyman crew from Handyman Services Kentish Town and they helped me a lot. The expert team provided excellent assistance in every step of the renovation. It was basically a pretty straightforward house renovation with no issues during the lifting of heavy appliances and furnishings. The risk of scratching or damaging the objects was minimal too, because the men knew exactly how to prevent such issues. It would have been much harder if I had chosen to do it all by myself.    
Vernon B.
When I contacted the company I was really hoping that they would be able to provide me with an experienced handyman. The last company I'd hired was advertised as fantastic and much else, but their worker made more harm than good really. This wasn't the case with Handyman Services Kentish Town, however, as their guy knew what he was doing and he worked fast. I took a sigh of relief when the job was done successfully.    
V. Flynn
The plumbing support offered by Odd Job Company Kentish Town was fantastic. The members of the team were able to help me add new features to my bathroom. This is not something I could have done myself, so having this team help me was a godsend.    
Mike Potter
Having left all of the jobs in the home to the last minute, I needed an express handyman to help get them done before some family arrived. Odd Job Company Kentish Town were prompt and got the jobs completed in next to no time. Their service was excellent and prompt so I didn't need to worry about a thing!    
Anna Harrison
The handyman services I hired from Odd Job Company Kentish Town were absolutely the best I've had in years! This is a company that really cares for its clients, and from its cheap rates to its talented teams, you won't find anything other than the best and highest-quality services here!    
Emma Young
If you need an experienced handyman then Home Repair Companies Kentish Town should be who you call. I hired their services and the team sent to my home were the best of the best. They knew their stuff and so were able to complete the job perfectly.    
Andrea Cassidy
I was at a loss who to call when I had a fuse go off in my house during the night but my neighbour told me about Handyman Company Kentish Town. I called them and they had the issue fixed by their emergency electrician within the hour. It was a great price too.     
Barbara Turner

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